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    [HF.COM] Quake[Old Games]

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    [HF.COM] Quake[Old Games]

    Post by Dard1 on Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:18 pm

    Back in the summer of 1996 the earth was to experience it's first Quake. Although the developer, id Software, had experienced serious success with it's previous titles like DOOM and Wolfenstein, Quake was to become more than just another addition to the growing FPS scene. Quake was our first trip into a fully 3D universe and the minds at id definately had plans for us.

    The single player levels took us through a tapestry of dimensional worlds where evil setup shop and marked Earth as it's next stop. As a "Slipgate" warrior you travel through dimensions of horro blasting all in your path with weapons that have since become classic to the genre. Not happy with just offering up some of the hottest single PC gaming had ever seen, the Quake multiplayer has become the high water mark for Deathmatch action and remains much more than a mere "cult classic" even now, ten years later!
    All hail Quake and the games, mods and infested new worlds it has inspired.


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