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    [RS.com] Puzzle Quest-Galactrix

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    [RS.com] Puzzle Quest-Galactrix

    Post by Dard1 on Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:28 pm

    Release Name: Puzzle.Quest.Galactrix-(Repack: Puzzle.Quest.Galactrix.REPACK)
    Size: 300MB

    Description: In Puzzle Quest: Galactrix a horrifying scientific accident has
    provoked another race to attempt extermination of humankind; players will create a
    persistent pilot who gains skills, crafts items, maneuvers among the universe�s political
    factions, and upgrades the ultimate space fleet as they attempt to end the genocide.
    An innovative hexagonal puzzle board allows for a wide range of strategic depth as it
    heeds to gravity according to a player�s location in the game universe. A rich and
    detailed storyline and fresh gameplay elements make the world of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix a
    captivating new adventure to explore and conquer. Play as a rogue pilot and gain skills,
    craft items, and maneuver among political factions as you attempt to end the genocide.
    Use Puzzle Quests�s signature RPG/puzzle gameplay to command a fleet of ships as you
    scour the galaxy for clues, interact with alien species, and battle to save the human race.

    - Create a persistent pilot who gains skills and ships as he completes more battles.
    - Each enemy you fight will require different tactics.
    - Individual battles require only 5-10 minutes of time.
    - Experience a conquer-the-galaxy style campaign mode.
    - Find new objects to make your pilot and ship all-powerful.
    - Trade supplies throughout the galaxy to increase your wealth.
    - Meet companions who will join your crew and aid you in battle.
    - Take your pilot and ship online against other players.
    - Compete for positions on the online high score tables.
    - Download new content - ships, items, plans, planets, factions and missions.


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