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    [MU] [RS.com]Alphasim Kaman SH-2 Seasprite FS9

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    [MU] [RS.com]Alphasim Kaman SH-2 Seasprite FS9

    Post by Dard1 on Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:42 pm

    New addition to the Helicopters section - the Kaman SH-2 Seasprite ! Both versions of Kaman's utility helicopter (the F and G) feature in this extensive package for FSX (with optional FS2004 version). The 6 phenonomal texture sets (by esteemed FS artist 'Pierre') show amazing attention to detail and are enhanced further by FSX's bump mapping and self-shadowing features. There are custom bump and spec maps throughout the model. Lifelike crew figures wear colours appropriate to the aircraft and even have realistic helicopter-type helmets with radio umbilicals (crew are togglable). The models are compatible with the FSX shared feature. Both the New Zealand and Australian models carry a superbly-detailed M60 machine gun AGM-65 Mavericks and a FLIR turret. The virtual is a tour de force - it exceeds even the amazing H-60 and Ka-50 in terms of realism and usability - with no less than 154 individual animations (AlphaSim's RealGauge tech is used extensively), all normal operating systems are represented in 3D switches, including realistically-animated windscreen wipers. There is an accurate basic simulation of both the TACNAV monitor and central unit. The v-c night lighting is superbly realised, even the panel and console description texts are individually self-illuminated. self-shadowing is also available to FSX DX10 users. The soundset was supplied by TSS and is the best helicopter sounds package we've heard, perfectly rising and falling in pitch with user application of the collective, including start-up and shut-down sounds. The flight model was carefully tuned and provides a realistically agile flight envelope for this sprightly machine. A 60-page, colour illustrated user manual in .PDF format covers all aspects of the package. Source textures are included for repainters. We think the new AlphaSim Seasprite is the an ideal showcase for FSX and is also the pinnacle of its type, setting the quality and features benchmark for other FSX helicopters to follow ...

    FIVE model variants, SIX texture sets included :

    1. SH-2F, HSL-32 'Invaders', USN
    2. SH-2F, HSL-30 'Neptune's Horsemen', USN
    3. SH-2G, HSL-84 'Thunderbolts', USN
    4. SH-2G, US Coast Guard (fictional)
    5. SH-2G(A), No. 805 Sqn RAN, RANFAA
    6. SH-2G(NZ), No.6 Sqn, RNZAF

    For FSX (SP1, SP2/Accel) and FS2004 only.
    Filesize - FSX : 93MB, FS9 : 80MB.


    Email: dardi.94@msn.com

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