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    [HF] Trials.2.Second.Edition-SKIDROW

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    [HF] Trials.2.Second.Edition-SKIDROW

    Post by Dard1 on Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:46 pm


    S K i D R O W

    - T H E L E A D i N G F O R C E -

    proudly presents
    Trials 2 Second Edition / RedLynx

    RELEASE DATE : 11-07-2009 PROTECTION : Serial, Steam Custom
    GAME TYPE : Stunt racer DISKS : 1 CD

    Release Notes:

    The Skid Rowdies are looking new blood to fill up the ranks.
    We're a professional team of dedicated sceners with big mark
    under sceners. We believe on the ground idealism of the root
    of the real old school scene. We do all this for fun and
    nothing else. We don't earn anything on our hobby, as we do
    this for the competition and the heart of what got the scene
    started in the mid eighties.

    If you think you got something to offer, then don't hold back
    on contacting us as soon as possible.

    Skid Row 2009

    On with the game release information:

    RedLynx Trials 2 Second Edition is a spectacular motorcycle
    game featuring stunning graphics and addictive gameplay

    4 game types (race, flip, wheelie, dynamic)

    Race: Race against other players to compete levels as fast as

    Flip: Try to make as many backflips or frontflips with your
    bike to reach a top score.

    Wheelie: Drive on your backwheel for longest distance possible

    Dynamic: Navigate through tracks with various dynamic
    obstacles and puzzles.

    65 tracks to play

    25 achievements to unlock.

    3D ragdoll. When the player makes a fault he drops off the
    bike in realistically painful way.

    Custom replay recording. Players can record their rides to a
    file that can be shared.

    Gamepad support with force feedback (rumble) based on physics

    Several camera modes (multiple side view modes, 1st person,
    3rd person, cinematic)

    Multi-language support: English, Finnish, French, German,
    Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, and Swedish

    Perplexing, hilarious, and absolutely fearless voiceovers from
    truly bone-breaking Trials 2 riders: Brandon DiCamillo, Art
    Webb and Rake Yohn These guys are famous not only from
    Jackass, Viva La Bam, movies and other shows, but they're also
    the founders of Gamecasa.net, a new network for expanding
    gaming culture to wider audiences. Better than anyone, they
    know what it takes to go over the limit, get hurt and get
    right back up and try again

    Install Notes:

    1. Unpack release
    2. Mount image or burn it
    3. Install game
    4. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW directory on the
    CD to your installation directory and overwrite
    5. Play the game

    Additional information:

    This game uses serial check as a part of creating a profile,
    so when start the game, choose cancel profile making.

    Be aware that this game has many cool online features, so if
    you fully want to enjoy them, buy the game

    Game is really cool and all tracks are accessable, that why we
    choose to release it.


    Email: dardi.94@msn.com

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