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    [RS.com]Transformers: The Game - RiP

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    [RS.com]Transformers: The Game - RiP

    Post by Dard1 on Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:00 am

    Transformers: The Game is the trademark by Activision adaptation of American movie superprodukcji from 2007, leaning on the licence unusually popular uniwersum Transformers�w. Though the product in the large measure uses the script of the film, then the also considerable degree of the liberty assures us, particularly in the range of the choice of robots or the demolishing the surroundings.

    We begin the party from the choice of the side of the conflict what has the not trifling influence on the the whole of the game. Both offer fractions separate, proper for oneself campaigns and feature areolae. Deciding on missions Autobot�w (at the disposal m.in. Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Bumblebee), the game in the somewhat larger degree imitates contained events in the original movie script, meanwhile the defence of the beloved planet of the Ground is our the main aim before hostile works. If the bad side however palavers us more, we choose the campaign Deceptikon�w (Megatron, Barricade, Starscream and different) and take the part in the row of somewhat more hypothetic fabularnie to the mission which the positive fulfilment can sail in the decisive degree the fates of the blue planet. Thrown in the whirl of events player has the opportunity to visit well-known from the film places and to take the part in the most characteristic battles from the large screen. It is however noticing worth, that the plot does not throw on the user of the way how he copes to advise with appointed tasks, outright just the opposite – he requires from him certain dose of inspiracji and ingeniousness in executing „duties” (we have to deal with rather with solution realizing on the thought e.g. Crackdown or GTA here).

    The programme is well-kept in quite standard convention of the game of the action, he abounds to swarm now in direct clashes between good and bad transformersami. Obviously, the player has to learn the proper use to do from advantages and propriety steered by oneself the work receiving the completely new palette of special skills – each of them can reform the any moment in his alternative form, . Efficient and skilful utilization of the unique features these of very curious machines influences effectiveness in clashes directly. He comes still one, very original and innovative factor here – the terrain, and stepping out on him concretely objects. As we know, the action happens in the great city in the large measure, meanwhile having on the attention sizes and strength transformers�w, every vehicle, building or installation can stay by them almost be leveled without the trouble with the ground. Nothing however stands on the obstacle use local surroundings and enlarge one's battle possibilities e.g. – can every pole, car or tree to raise and to use as the weapon, if this hurled, if to the fight outright. One can make us the similar use from the machines of hostile the fraction.


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