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    [RS.com] The Rise of a KING - RPG Game - Portable - Awesome!

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    [RS.com] The Rise of a KING - RPG Game - Portable - Awesome!

    Post by Dard1 on Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:16 am

    The Rise of a KING - Portable
    Upped by .Michel.

    Cover - Face:

    Cover - Back:

    Did you ever dreamed to be a knight? A honored man in a kingdom? Sit in the round table? Get your missions to help your kingdom? Your own missions to help your people? Kill the enemies, the bandits, the monsters. There is no reason to dream anymore! All this can happen, here and now!


    1 - Cycle through Weapons
    2 - Cycle available Armors
    3 - Cycle through Shields

    O - Objectives/Missions

    Q - Cycle through Spells
    W - Drink Mana Potion
    E - Drink Health Potion

    A - Normal Attack
    S - Heavy Attack
    D - Use Spell

    M - Map

    Left Arrow - Move left
    Up Arrow - Jump
    Down Arrow - Duck and Shield
    Right Arrow - Move right

    Spacebar - Action Button/Interact

    P - Pause
    T - Quality | Low/Medium/High
    C - Controls


    � Buy and Sell weapons
    � Get your own missions
    � Save up your game (Must go back to the castle.)
    � Learn spells
    � A lot of enemies, from goblins to trees to bandits to phoniex!
    � Many more, play and see!

    How to start playing?

    Download and extract then simply run "The Rise of a KING" if it doesn't work run "Player" and browse for the game.

    Must Read! Saving the game!
    If you save your game on your desktop and start playing then you move your game to another directory the save will be loss! So, put the game in the first place where you want it, then play! If you move it to another place you'll have to start again everything unless you find a way to save and tell us!

    Weapon, Armor & Shields Shops:


    Reply and say something, please!

    Email: dardi.94@msn.com

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