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    [RS.com] Neuro Hunter


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    [RS.com] Neuro Hunter

    Post by Dard1 on Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:32 am

    If anyone is looking for a tough RPG (not an action RPG) then this is it. Not in your usual fantasy setting but sci fi, I think that this game takes it's hat off to System Shock 1/2 rather than tries to copy them.

    Some nice touches in there as well, being able to make items from other items and easily switchable upgrades. The RPG element is stat-lite, you gradually earn XP and spend them on about 8 stats.

    The tough part is the monsters, of which there are many, and there are few that can be taken out with distance weapons, so you have to take it easy and save often.

    Overall this game is recommended, certainly a good time filler until Oblivion/Gothic hit the stores!!

    Inssallation Notes

    1. Mount image using Daemon Tools 4. Leave all emulation options ON !!!!

    2. Use StarForce Nightmare and select "Disable CD", "Disable Node" and deselect ide channel of your optical devices (Primary and/or Secondary).

    3. Install Game from virtual daemon drive and use serial number provided with this info when StarForce3 protection asks for it.

    4. Play the game !!!



    Email: dardi.94@msn.com

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