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    [Rs.com] Dota Allstars - 2009

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    [Rs.com] Dota Allstars - 2009

    Post by Dard1 on Sun Sep 13, 2009 12:12 am


    Each of the parties is based on four tavern with an extensive choice of characters (in version 6.56 of all 93 heroes). At the beginning of the game, each chooses a single one of them. In DotA there is no control the army, nor the construction of the base - under the control of the player is just his character. Each character has their own unique skills and battle tactics.

    Since each of the bases for the three paths are computer controlled substance ( �kripy�). Over time kripy grow in strength, and even high-level character without allied kripov near it may be vulnerable.

    Heroes can get experience and to raise the level of ( �pumped�) at the expense of destroying the enemy kripov and heroes, as well as neutral creatures living in the forest. If you kill an enemy combat unit (no matter krip or hero), the experiences are all allied heroes who are nearby, irrespective of whether they fought. Thus, the hero of benefit in the midst of battle, not even taking part in it. If the hero himself to the same cause last shot, he receives a certain amount of money (slang - Last Hit).

    Each recruited level (a total of 25) the ability of the hero growing up. On the hero of money can buy artifacts. Because of the weaker artifacts using scrolls-�recipes� compiled stronger. Buying the necessary artifacts - an important aspect of the game, from the choice of artifacts directly affected combat potential hero and team in general.

    Murdered hero is not involved in the game for a while and lose some of their money. The higher was the level, the longer he is out of the game and the more lose money. Instead of waiting, you can redeem, the higher the level, the more expensive buyout.

    In two locations on the map periodically appear runes, which give a temporary bonus: increased speed, increased speed of recovery and many, the increase.

    � Windows � 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP
    � 1GHz Pentium processor,
    � RAM: 256 MB
    � Graphics Card 64 MB video memory
    � Sound card compatible with DirectX 8.1
    � Hard Disk: 1.5 GB

    Extras. Information:
    You can only install on your computer DAEMON_Tools_Pro_v4.10.218.0_Advanced.rar (it can be found in the downloaded archive, the key is present)
    then installed in the program DAEMON_Tools_Pro_v4.10.218.0_Advanced mount the image: Warcraft III.mds then click on the file when prompted gate.reg click add.
    Run w3l.exe (In the game click on the magnifying glass and select a server PlayGround and then Okay and poke at the Battle.net further regestriruem your account and enjoy the game)
    Map doty at present the most recent 6.59. Description of the characters and artifacts can be viewed on the site

    Email: dardi.94@msn.com

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