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    [RS.com] World in Conflict: Soviet Assault (Add-on)

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    [RS.com] World in Conflict: Soviet Assault (Add-on)

    Post by Dard1 on Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:20 pm

    World in Conflict: Soviet Assault (Add-on)
    Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment | Genre:Strategy (Real-time / Turn-based / Grand strategy) / 3D | 1,9 Gb
    Language : English /German / French / Italian / Spanish
    The Information on Game
    The Name: World in Conflict: Soviet Assault
    The Genre: Add-on / Strategy (Real-time) / 3D
    Language of the Interface: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
    Year of release: 2009
    The Developer: Massive Entertainment
    The Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
    The Size of a file: 1,9 Gb

    About game:
    Addition World in Conflict: Soviet Assault debuts on PC, continuing events of original game. Its script narrated about perfidious intrusion of the Soviet armies on territory of the USA. Now you had a unique opportunity to look at the dramatic conflict under other corner! If in the first part you protected the United States now can accept command of army of the USSR and head resolute approach.

    Features of game:
    [*] New subject campaign. Support the USSR and bring down a steel fist краснознаменных armies on an empire of rotting capitalism. The dramatic nature of events is emphasized with bright images of protagonists and magnificent game of professional actors. On unpredictability and intensity script World in Conflict: Soviet Assault will give odds to many films!
    [*] Unknown horizons of collective fights. The advanced and added network mode gives new opportunities to all admirers of collective battles. They are waited with duel and command collisions in fights Domination, Tug-of-War and Assault.
    [*] Role games. To each participant of collective fight the certain role is allocated. One operates infantry, another - бронетехникой, the third supervises over artillery, and the aircraft is subject to the fourth. Skilfully coordinating actions, it is possible to turn really ingenious tactical operations.
    [*] Unprecedented heat. Do not drag out - rush to fight! You do not need to spend precious minutes for construction of base and scientific researches. The fierce battles begin with the first staff, and your problem - quickly and competently to think over tactics.
    [*] The Present weapon. The contradictory parties use really existing tanks, planes, lorries and even nuclear bombs!
    [*] Amazing the schedule. Technology Masstech skilfully uses opportunities DirectX 10, putting into practice improbable light effects and providing the full control over the virtual chamber.
    [*] Total destruction. War with use of the advanced weapon does not leave after itself anything alive. Explosions transform into a dust of the house, eradicate trees and leave scars on the tormented ground.
    [*] Approaches all! In management World in Conflict: Soviet Assault for few minutes the beginning player will understand even, and precipitancy of actions transforms the project into excellent entertainment for admirers of the most different genres.

    The Instruction on installation:
    1) To establish original game World in Conflict
    2) To establish official updating up to version 1.01.
    3) To establish addition World in Conflict: Soviet Assault, using UA7J-ULHG-Y8ES-F4N2-H6GD
    4) To play!

    About a file:
    Type of the edition: the License
    The Medicine: is in image
    The Format of a file: ISO
    The Platform: PC

    Download :


    Email: dardi.94@msn.com

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